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Let me hypnotize you
YES i have been counting down to this day since i bought tickets, like 3 months ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
BREAKAGE! slightly disappointing Loefah can't be there. But the night is still gonna be as good as morning sex!
Not many things are better.
Was gonna hit up the surf at the bra on my very professional boogie-board as a celebratory activity before tonight, but the weather has decided to be insistently bitchy this whole summer and again hijacked the sun. FUCK YOU EL NINO! I don't know how to add the squiggly thing to the 'e'. I also don't quite know what El Nino is. But that's besides the point. I want the sun back.

In other news, tonight will be the first time i get to flash my sexy gerbil impersonation licence. No more looking cool and foreign using my passport. Cool and foreign like an icecube from Finalnd.

If I'm not beside you, I'm behind you.


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