Intense, like camping

Intelligent subtitles are for show-offs

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Looking around trying to decide what to write about.
No one's at work, it's as exciting as Buzz Killington giving a lecture on ways to succeed at boredom.
Aj has the loudest voice in the room.
Dan is pretending to be a picnic blanket with his checkered shirt. Unconventionally though, blue. He's one of those 'i hate establishment' people. Crosses the road at inappropriate times and has never pressed the button to call the little green man.
The air-conditioning is contributing to the monotonous drone of the day. It's like a bee on its death bed. Not quite the happy bBbZzZzZzZz. More solemn, in need of a requiem.
Yes yes yes. Almost midday.  An hour off the phones means the corporate fat cats can have their lunch too and not be disturbed by us calling, flogging them wine.
In light of my LJ discovery, it will be my mission (wow, i need to work on originality here - mission? who am i, tom cruise?) to dabble in the blog world. Every post will have a unique simile. Unique like an honest politician.
I expect your eyeballs daily.


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