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Intelligent subtitles are for show-offs

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*squinty eyes at rusko*
Why would u come allll the way out to sydney and play a shit set, huh? Totally dissapointed in rusko, i thought dubstep djs were all about the moooosic maaaan. i guess thats what happens when you try to spread something to mainstream ubiquity - shit.

In other news, i feel amazing. i haven't felt this relaxed for a while - it's nice.

Closing my eyes leaves me with an intoxicating image, one of those things you don't want to stop thinking about.

All i can do is resort my itunes, which brings me so much comfort, i can't wait to listen to all my new music.

A pervading smile and a short intake of breath has been the day's pragmatic nature.

Like alice in wonderland, im in awe.


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