Intense, like camping

Intelligent subtitles are for show-offs

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I love airports.

It was only this morning that I realised my world couldn’t exist. My legs wouldn’t carry me down the stairs because my mind blatantly refused to let them. I stared down. No, up. No, down, unable to decide which way was which, crawling through patterns of logic, I was no longer able to make reason.

            Imagine the loudest sound you’ve heard and multiply it by the highest number you can imagine. That was me. Stuck in the impossibility of a loudness, with the numbness of an illogical universe and an absence of reason. It struck me harder than any morning ray of light ever could.

            A crazy calm loomed over me. It stretched, across my mind like cling wrap, and my final breath was the longest one I’d ever taken. I sucked the air, not gasping, but enjoying, knowing, that at least this action had once brought me life. But now, my knees succumbed to whatever gravity was theirs and I drifted away from this false reality.

Something i just found on my desktop. i handed it in for an assessment accompanied with escher's 'relativity'.

i knew this day has been coming for ages but it's finally here and i'm not sure exactly what to make of it. the feeling in my stomach is similar but not quite the one that you get on the first date, a final exam, or at the apex of a rollercoaster.

reflective, like a rearview mirror.


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