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Intelligent subtitles are for show-offs

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I wish I was in Japan.

It’s weird how much I get sucked into happy music. It’s just so awesome, the happy simplicity is a welcomed change to the constant metaphors and implicit tones of almost every other genre. Plus it’s usually about something trivial – like dancing on the dancefloor and being a sexy bitch. Who can’t relate?!?!?! For some reason it makes me reflect so clearly on everything! Maybe cos it just reminds me of the uncomplicated things people think are their biggest problems.

People are offended too easily these days. This does not include myself. You form a thought into words and it’s received in a completely different shade than your intention and BAM, sooky pants is in the corner. Then you have to roll your eyes and explain what you meant and it wasn’t meant to hurt them and blah blah blah. Then you think, why am I wasting my time?

I think, I’m not tooooooo sure, but I think I can usually read the subtext at its most obvious. People don’t realise how much of it they give off. In fact I’d argue it’s prob more than half of what is said. And done. It’s interesting to observe how people can manipulate a situation if they know how to influence someone, indirectly. One word, or one eye brow raise or even silence can mean the opposite of what is signified.

I used to think it was all bullshit when they (whoever they are) said that every single sentence in a paragraph has to add to the paragraph, otherwise it’s wasting time. Now I can’t look past anything and assess whether it’s definitely adding to the point or prevaricating from it.

Perplexed, like an American discovering the rest of the world doesn’t speak English.

Irate, like you might be when you find you have no milk to go with your weetbix.

Questioning, like anything that features in The Telegraph.

Apathetic, like a donkey vote.


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